The principal

Richard Brooks is the Managing Principal of RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP, a fully independent investment advisory firm serving high net worth individuals and private companies worldwide for two decades. Mr. Brooks offers a persistent source of clarity in strategic investment discipline, a pioneer in platform architecture, and the innovator of the Winning with Counter-InvestingĀ® strategic planning methodology.

His character has been tested and client-confidence earned over two decades tells us what is clear: fortune has been the wind at his back through two broken neck injuries and several follow-on traumas that should have left him in a bad way. They did not. He has gone on to climb mountains, camp with his children, and see much of this world with his family. Mr. Brooks built on that sense of perseverance to form the mold for his company RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT.

His experience is proven to be of value to his clientele, and it is what separates his firm from typical financial organizations. Early in his career, he helped to put a young company on the map by increasing their productivity in his region by 650%. He worked with a start-up to focus on targeting their processes and established a national platform for their services in the first year of operations. He turned his efforts to focus on the Financial Services industry and worked as a top performing representative and executive of big box firms where his work resulted in 120 million additional assets brought to the firm in the first two years, and later was the lead manager of $325 million in assets. Out of this experience with large institutional firms he created the RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP based on his unique strategic investment platform of Winning with Counter-InvestingĀ®.

His education was completed at Pennsylvania State University, New York University/Madrid. He persisted through challenging times with the knowledge that comes from truly being against a wall – whether rock or man-made – to be able to understand clearly the task at hand and how to best resolve. This is the drive that is not learned in a textbook or classroom. It is tested through experience and shared when called-on to win. Its success is not easily obtained and the moral fabric is not negotiable. That’s the way something truly good should be.

Perhaps its time to dig for something a bit deeper. Then, get ready to win.