The RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP was born out of the work and survival experience of its founder, Richard Brooks. His real-life challenges combined with knowledge gained through 20 years in the industry, allowed him to see another path to serve his clients –with a lean structure, low expense ratios, and a level of responsiveness not found at that time in the financial services industry. It wasn’t so much a matter of building a better mousetrap as it was a drive to avoid the mice altogether.

With that core mission embedded in the culture, Brooks created an environment that would be adaptable to the times, but always centered with the value-added to his clients. If anything was not in sync with that mission – he changed it. This sometimes meant the arduous task of implementing a work-around to maintain his posture with his clients given their ever-changing needs. No matter, just get it done was the spirit of his firm.

A simple structure meant less layers; not as many hands-on decks translated to better results for the people he served. That’s one reason why many of his core clientele carry an average of 18 years with him – a privilege not many advisors have the opportunity to enjoy.

The characteristics described here that helped form the organization of the company are found in every feature of the firm. In this way, RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP is able to offer its unique, insightful counsel across the spectrum of their clientele.