Why do the same thing with your money

Are you following the same, tired, format with your hard-earned money – passive funds with high cost structures and institutions with sales-representatives – and yet hoping for a different result? Perhaps under the pretense time is on your side?

Take an active role on behalf of your money with RNB WEALTH MANAGEMENT and get used to Winning with Counter-Investing®. Our investors count on us to see the clear path early and go where the money will be.

Counter Investing

A Winning Approach to Life and Finance

  • A counterintuitive system designed to help investors
    be as effective as possible.
  • In this book you will learn how to sculpt and chisel to perfection the three supporting pillars of great investing
  • Performance, Productivity, and Personalization.

Rich Brooks’ individual approach is the product not only of many years of innovative investment planning, but of the perspective he gained from catastrophic experiences that left him fighting for his life.

Though seemingly disparate, the tales of Brooks’ investing success and his survival against most odds interweave to reveal an inspiring new path to becoming the investor you ought to be.

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Counter Investing

RNB Wealth Management Review

This is a wonderful book, about investing and about life. Richard’s determination in the face of life threatening situations, opened his vision to investing possibilities that most investors never bother to investigate.
Counter Investing, is an inspirational and eye opening book to the world of smart investing.

Brent Barrett
on September 6, 2017

what you will find in this book


Show How to Win

Improve with Three Pillars

Look at Where You Are

Do Things Differently






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